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ITECH M.Sc. Program

The Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research M.Sc. Program (ITECH) is an interdisciplinary, research-oriented, experiment-based program shaped around contemporary aspects of the built environment and practice.
The goal of the ITECH program is to prepare a new generation of students from different disciplines for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in development of the built environment through merging the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and natural sciences. Combining an intensive, critical and analytical approach to computational design, simulation and fabrication processes, the ITECH program is focusing on challenging the design space boundaries of current contemporary architectural and engineering practice. It seeks to provoke a re-examination of techniques, methods and theories of design in relation to the fields of engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, computer science, material science, and biology.




Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research
ITECH M.Sc.Program

University of Stuttgart, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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