Landesbeirat Holz BW Prize #2

June 7, 2023

ITECH graduates Pelin Asa, Christelle El Feghali, Christian Steixner (2022) received the Landesbeirat Holz BW Prize for their ITECH M.Sc. Thesis.

The Landesbeirat Holz BW Prize is awarded on an annual basis to exceptional graduates from universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The prize is aimed at encouraging a construction culture that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, placing particular emphasis on the use of raw and processed wood. Its objective is to recognize and promote future-proof building practices that contribute to a more climate-conscious approach in the industry. This year’s topic focuses on the innovative use of wood, climate, recyclability, and timber construction.

In their thesis project, Pelin, Christelle, and Christian presented their project titled "Embraced Wood." The project focused on utilizing a computational and robotic workflow to create beams using unprocessed reclaimed timber. The project showcased an innovative approach with the integration of clay and natural fibers in the construction process, highlighting the potential of sustainable and eco-friendly building methods.

Please find more information on the “Embraced Wood” project here:


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