2022, Alan Eskildsen, Carolina Leite Vieira, Pinaki Mohanty

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Curve-Fit - Spatial Frames Through Deployable Curved Folded Modules

Curve-Fit aims to develop a lightweight timber structural frame by means of aggregating deployable modules which can be fabricated using easily accessible machinery while still allowing design flexibility.The production of geometrically customized components for free-form structures in the timber construction industry currently incurs high consumption of resources, compromising on the environmental advantage of using timber. Available technologies to produce components such as curved glulam and curved CLT require complex multi-step fabrication, molds and are inefficient to maneuver with, during the construction phase. This thesis explores an alternative to produce geometrically versatile structures by investigating a novel structural frame system built from initially flat timber modules. Each module can be quickly deployed into a tri-dimensional state and assembled with other modules, creating a continuous network of vertical and horizontal load-bearing elements that can achieve various geometries and support conditions. By using widely available fabrication tools such as a 3-axis CNC machine, this system also investigates simplifying production of curved timber components, while allowing efficient transportation and storage. After the structure has been used, each module can be un-deployed for relocating the structure or its efficient deconstruction for the potential repurposing of its components. Finally, it is proven by a demonstrator that large scale load bearing structures can be built by aggregating bent active conoidal timber modules without compromising on the architectural freedom. With a simplified production, increased maneuverability during production and its capacity to relocate and repurpose, the system can potentially speed up construction and reduce resource consumption while contributing to a circular economy.


ITECH M.Sc. Thesis Project 2022: Curve-Fit - Spatial Frames Through Deployable Curved Folded Modules
Alan Eskildsen, Carolina Leite Vieira, Pinaki Mohanty

Thesis Advisers: Axel Körner, Simon Bechert

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Jan Knippers
Second Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

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