Augmented Intuition

2022, Tzu-Ching Wen, Michał Gosk

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Augmented Intuition - Interactive Cyber-Physical System for Coreless Filament Winding

Fiber Winding is a promising technology for creating lightweight building elements; however, it still poses many challenges. Its current early-stage syntax design is a complicated process, primarily based on the designer’s extensive experience and intuition. Existing methods present a high entry-level threshold and limit the possibility of discovering the previously unexplored design space. The presented research aims to assist early-stage fiber component design by combining virtual reality and material reality traits to enable designing in a more intuitive, interactive, and instantly-informed way. 

A cutting-edge interactive Cyber-Physical System has been proposed within the Human-Robot Collaboration domain. The system consists of two main parts: an interactive Augmented Reality(AR) user design interface with an embedded interactive design backend engine and the Rapid Robotic Prototype Setup (RRPP) facilitated with one 6-axis collaborative manipulator (UR10e) and a winding End-Effector.

As a result, the filament winding design process is augmented by an assisting interactive backend engine that helps to facilitate users’ intuition while sustaining them in their explorations. All of this happens in an augmented environment with a small-scale automatic Rapid Robotic Prototype Setup that allows designers to translate their design ideas to digital and material outcomes simultaneously. The presented Interactive Cyber-Physical System reduces unnecessary human-machine barriers and enables reciprocal, instant feedback during the design process, lowers the design threshold for broader target users, and encourages the designers in their explorations.

This presented integrative system, seamlessly combined with material and virtual reality together, provides the user with an entire reciprocal feedback loop design pipeline, which successfully makes the early fiber design process much more interactive, iterative, and intuitive. At the same time, it opens up to broader users, including entry and expert-level fiber designers. Future integration of complex construction processes into industry requires more corresponding integrative design methods and parameters. Our research provides a solid base and opens up a new prospect for further research investigations in various scenarios. 


ITECH M.Sc. Thesis Project 2021: Augmented Intuition - Interactive cyber-physical system for coreless filament winding
Tzu-Ching Wen, Michał Gosk

Thesis Advisers: Felix Amtsberg, Fabian Kannenberg

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges
Second Supervisor: Prof. Jan Knippers

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